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Pinworms are tiny, worm-like parasites that cause severe itching around the anus or vagina. You get them by swallowing the pinworm eggs in foods or anything else that enter through the mouth. Though the body can sometimes fight the manifestations of the worms because of natural antibodies, the infestation of pinworms bet severe leading to pinworm infection. Due to the extremely contagious nature of pinworms, it is strongly recommended that the infected individual should undergo some treatment to rid themselves of the parasites faster. Treatment of the pinworm infection involves medication and disinfection.

Treatment of pinworm infections commonly uses anthelmintics medications. These are medications used for the treatment of various worm infections such as pinworms. Anthelmintic medications are available either over-the-counter or through a prescription. Mebendazole over-the-counter is the most common treatment in anthelmintics family. It can kill the pinworms and as well as the eggs. However, treatment should always be accompanied by disinfection. The disinfection includes washing everything used by the infected person. Washing hands after a bowel movement as well is particularly important. In general, preventing pinworms can be easily done through using proper cleaning and personal hygiene methods.

Paying attention to what goes in your mouth is another way of preventing ingestion of pinworm eggs. Though pinworm eggs can’t be seen by the naked eye, washing and disinfecting your hands after using public restrooms is particularly important to prevent infestation. This will allow you to disinfect yourself while at the same time getting rid of any pinworm eggs.